Lauren Graybill

Instructor & Assistant Instructor

Lauren Graybill started dance classes in Mobile, Alabama as a 3-year-old in hopes of just making some friends. She fell in love with dance and eventually found Encore when she moved to Pennsylvania at age 7. After high school, she started a dance club at Penn State University called “Penn State Dance Alliance.” She finally found her way back to Encore and has been assisting/teaching since 2013.

Lauren Graybill Headshot

Lauren Teaches

This fun class combines upbeat, stylized movement with proper technique. Jazz dance is based on ballet principals with each class consisting of a warm-up using isolated movements, across the floor progressions and current choreography all set to age appropriate music.

What People are Saying

My daughters Mia and Ellie are beginning their fourteenth and tenth years dancing at Encore Dance Center. Over the years, the excellent professional and caring teachers at Encore have provided them with skills and instruction to become beautiful dancers, but they have learned much more. The girls are patient, determined, helpful, respectful and confident, and those values are reinforced every day at Encore. They also have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Encore has been an important part of their lives and our family

The Encore teachers helped me to become a dancer instead of just taking dance classes. Through dance, I have developed my performance skills and my confidence. The friendships I have made here will last a lifetime. Encore is not only a dance studio, it’s my 2nd home.

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