Wendy Toole

Front Desk, Front House Manager for Recital Week, Costume Alteration Queen specializing in big skirts (LOL!). My aim is to get to know all families by name, and make a big shirt for this year's recital!

Wendy Toole is a former dancer (from back in the day), current Encore Dance Mom and Dance Wife (her Hubby is a proud member of the Men Of Encore). Her love of Encore Dance Center caused an evolution, and so she has been one of our Office Staff and our Department of Alterations for several years running. Touting herself as a Jane-of-all-trades, Wendy also claims to be a backstage cheerleader for our Encore Dancers. “Be Great, Encore! Knock their socks off!”

Wendy Toole Headshot

What People are Saying

What I love most about Encore is not only the exceptional dance foundation my daughter is receiving, but also the emphasis on building kind, confident, positive dancers and leaders. Alvina takes great care to ensure that her studio is a safe place for all dancers, and that the dancers care for and respect each other. Every teacher is professional and holds the dancer to high standards, while also encouraging fun and creativity. I also appreciate how studying dance has given my daughter strong core strength and flexibility, which is evident when she competes in other sports. We love being a part of the Encore family!

My daughters Mia and Ellie are beginning their fourteenth and tenth years dancing at Encore Dance Center. Over the years, the excellent professional and caring teachers at Encore have provided them with skills and instruction to become beautiful dancers, but they have learned much more. The girls are patient, determined, helpful, respectful and confident, and those values are reinforced every day at Encore. They also have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Encore has been an important part of their lives and our family

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