"The gift of dance can inspire so much more than dancing. My daughter is a proud company member. When she began to dance in 1st grade she was struggling at school, struggling to read, struggling at math and in general lacking confidence. She loved dancing. I remember her first recital. I cried with joy seeing the confidence and love on her face. At encore she was gifted with amazing instructors who believed in her, inspired her and gave her confidence. When she made the company group I was nervous because she still had to work super hard at school. Fast forward through her first year in company and she made honor roll. What does that have to do with dance? Everything because dance gave her the confidence to take risks and step out of her comfort zone. Dance showed her that she could do so much more than she ever believed. It gave her a place to express feeling and emotion. If you have a child who shows interest in dance I couldn't imagine a more nurturing, loving and encouraging environment. We are so thrilled to be a part of the encore family where it's truly like a family. Thank you Alvina for giving us the opportunity to give that gift to our child."

-- Joanne Espenshade


"Our dance story started way back. In 1994, we enrolled Lauren in a dance class. Now forward to 19 years and 19 recitals with Encore. I had convinced myself that I was completely ready to walk away from this last one with very few tears. After all, too much of anything gets old right? Well at least I thought so. Last night I went to Hempfield at the end of the matinee rehearsal to watch the class of girls Lauren taught this year. I was so proud of the teacher Lauren had become. I also stayed to watch the finale once again because it's just that good. Much to my surprise, as I drove away from Hempfield and looked back at the parking lot, the tears just rolled down my cheeks. How many times had I driven away from there full of pride and excitement after watching one or both of my girls perform? I thanked God for every opportunity they've had with Encore Dance to learn, realize and enjoy their passion. Dance has brought so much more than physical activity to their lives. It's given them an outlet and a passion. Something they will enjoy forever. And Encore? No words can convey how I feel about Alvina and her staff. She has been a dear friend and mentor to Lauren and Rachel as well as our family. It's so much more than dance there. My girls received guidance at times in their lives when pressures were great from peers and society in general. They received friendship, and learned leadership skills, problem solving, time management, and compassion. Did I spend money on classes and costumes? I did. But I would never look back and say it wasn't worth it. Every penny. And now as I go to the last day of rehearsals, I am more excited than ever."

-- Lisa Sangrey


"We absolutely LOVE Encore. This is my daughters second year taking lessons. I took Adult classes here about a decade ago and remember how amazing the recitals and teachers were. That has not changed! We've moved a bit, so our daughter has been to two other dance schools over the years, we really appreciate all the hard work that goes into planning a seamless recital. We also appreciate the modern technology used for payments and communication!! Planning on Encore being our "home" for many years to come."

-- Tessie Weaver

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