Pre-Pointe Class

Pre Pointe

Ages 10 through 18

What is Pre-Pointe?

Pre-pointe is the first step toward pointe work for a young dancer. Students must be at least ten years old, have a minimum of three years of ballet training, and be recommended by their ballet teacher to be enrolled in the class. Teachers evaluate readiness for pre-pointe based on technique, strength, and consistency in class attendance.

We evaluate students three times over the year- once in the fall to see where they are, once after the holidays to measure progress, and once at the end of the year to determine readiness to move on to the Pointe 1 class. Many students are able to safely and successfully progress to pointe work after one year of pre-pointe, but it is also common to need two or even three years of pre-pointe to develop the necessary strength and stability.

Pre-pointe is a technique class only (no recital dance) and must be taken in conjunction with the dancer’s appropriate ballet class

You must be recommended by instructor for this class.

Benefits of Pre-Pointe

Our pre-pointe program is designed to accomplish two goals. First, students are lead through exercises which will strengthen their abdominal muscles, legs, ankles and feet. Second, evaluations are performed which will help us to identify and address weaknesses which would cause a student to be unsafe en pointe. Weaknesses are not always apparent in the course of a typical ballet class.

What to wear for Pre-Pointe

  • Black leotard (any style)
  • Pink tights
  • Pre-pointe shoe
  • Hair must be pulled away from face and neck

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