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Welcome to Encore Dance Center located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is the goal of our dance studio to inspire and nurture the student’s desire to dance and perform. Whether it be for the sheer purpose of recreation or the goal to dance professionally – we welcome you!

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Encore is the dance studio to learn, to grow, to dream, to dance and perform! We believe teaching the art of dance is an honor.

As teachers we feel it is imperative for a student to learn in a warm and friendly environment – one that is supportive and nurturing. Only then can one explore one’s true potential. Each student, whatever their age, ability or aspiration, will be give the care and attention needed to assure that they will receive excellent training and all the wonderful rewards and benefits that dance has to offer.

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Healthy Body & Mind

It is important to take care of both your mind and body. Dancers will improve their physical health and gain energy through fun exercises and movement. Dancers will improve their mental health through positive encouragement and accomplishments within the classroom.

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Age Appropriate Music & Costumes

We are committed to providing age-appropriate costumes, music, and choreography to all of our dancers. We feel strongly that our dancers should be treated as children and not what ‘Hollywood’ suggests. Our instructors take this into consideration when preparing for all classes.

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Creative Environment & Fun People

We find that our dancers thrive in our creative, non-judgmental and safe environment. Instructors and staff are continuously implementing new strategies to make learning fun! Our Pre-School dancers are constantly challenged to use their imagination and learn through creative movement and props.

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Self Confidence

Self-confidence is something all parents desire for their children. Dancers are taught new skills throughout the year and when they are able to master these skills, there is a sense of accomplishment. This helps to build self-esteem and creates the determination to carry on and learn more.

Meet the Team Group

Meet the Team

We would be nothing without our staff.  From our instructors and choreographers to our desk and support staff, our team is a family and our family keeps Encore Dance Center running!  The dedication and commitment of our team through the year is remarkable and unmatched.  Their love of dance shines through and radiates to our students as they develop their skills.

Without our staff we wouldn’t be voted Lancaster’s top Dance Studio for 20 years!

What People are Saying

What I love most about Encore is not only the exceptional dance foundation my daughter is receiving, but also the emphasis on building kind, confident, positive dancers and leaders. Alvina takes great care to ensure that her studio is a safe place for all dancers, and that the dancers care for and respect each other. Every teacher is professional and holds the dancer to high standards, while also encouraging fun and creativity. I also appreciate how studying dance has given my daughter strong core strength and flexibility, which is evident when she competes in other sports. We love being a part of the Encore family!

Encore has been our daughter’s dance studio for the past 5 years. With the help of the caring staff at Encore we have watched her dance skills and confidence grow. The staff meets each child where they are and helps the dancers to better themselves both on and off the stage. The welcoming environment of Encore encourages relationships between the younger and older dancers, providing our daughter and many other young dancers with exceptional role models. Miss Alvina has worked hard to build this amazing studio and we consider ourselves lucky to have found such a great dance home for our daughter.

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Tour the Studio

Encore’s goal is for their dancers to learn in a safe environment that feels like a second home.  Our 10,000 square foot state of the art building houses five studios with observation windows, a study room (equipped with a refrigerator and microwave), dressing room, staff lounge, playroom, and restrooms with multiple stalls.  We also have a spacious lobby area…let’s take a full virtual tour with our student, Katie White!

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