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Encore Dance Center is a Lancaster, PA based dance studio offering classes in Twinkle Star, Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Pointe, and Pre-Pointe. With a dedicated and seasoned team of instructors Encore is able to provide a wide variety of classes for all ages.

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Ages 5 through 18

Acro targets the strength and flexibility to properly perform acrobatic skills. Core, upper body and leg strength will be developed, as well as muscular endurance to execute acro tricks.
Acro encourages self-confidence and self discipline while learning a variety of flexibility, tumbling and balancing skills on a mat, no equipment is used.


We currently offer adult tap and jazz classes. Please call the studio at 717-569-1828 or use our contact form for more information.


Ages 5 through 18

In Ballet class, emphasis is placed on age appropriate training, terminology, classical form and training each individual dancer to reach their personal goals. Our ballet program begins with a movement vocabulary that caters to the young mind and body which is shown in our creative movement classes. Ballet at Encore is taught with a passion and love for classical ballet movement.


Ages 13 through 18

Contemporary is a style of dance where students will push themselves mentally and physically to execute movement that is complex, intricate and dynamic. Contemporary also encourages the dancer to explore all the ways their bodies are capable of moving with a focus on finding the intention behind each movement. This class is offered to students who are 13 years of age and an experienced modern dancer (3+years).

Hip Hop

Ages 5 through adult

This popular, high energy class uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s top choreographers. Hip Hop encompasses movement that has elements of poppin’, locking and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Age appropriate hip hop music and movement is used for each class.


Ages 6 through adult

This fun class combines upbeat, stylized movement with proper technique. Jazz dance is based on ballet principals with each class consisting of a warm-up using isolated movements, across the floor progressions and current choreography all set to age appropriate music.


Ages 8 through 18

Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of ballet and jazz dance styles. Many times, this style tells a story through choreography and dance phrases inspired by the lyrics of the song being used. Dancers are encouraged to explore their emotions and movement through improvisation. A strong ballet and jazz foundation enhances the quality of movement.


Ages 8 through adult

Modern dance is an expressive style of dance created in the early 20th century that moved away from the structure of classical ballet technique. Modern dance is an integration of technique, floor work, dynamic athletic, and abstract movement. Modern dance is constantly evolving and growing with the contemporary movement of today while staying true to the technique created by the pioneers of modern dance.


With safe technique practices being a priority, our pointe program begins with the basics. Dancers will begin their pointe studies in our pre-pointe classes to allow for a focused study of very specific movement exercises. Focusing on core movement control and muscular strength throughout each dance season allows for each pointe dancer to build tools needed to succeed. Dancers are evaluated before moving to the next level to ensure the dancer is strong and technically ready to execute the movement.

Pre Pointe

Ages 10 through 18

Pre-pointe is the first step toward pointe work for a young dancer. Students must be at least ten years old, have a minimum of three years of ballet training, and be recommended by their ballet teacher to be enrolled in the class. Teachers evaluate readiness for pre-pointe based on technique, strength and consistency in class attendance.


Ages 5 through adult

One of the most traditional forms of dance using special shoes to create different rhythms, sounds and patterns. Emphasis is placed on precision, speed and clarity of sounds. Tap is great for developing musicality and coordination skills.


Ages 2 through 4

Encore Dance Center offers toddler dance classes starting at age 2. We focus on fun, rhythm, and developing motor skills.

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