Fall Musical Theatre

Fall Musical Theatre Dancers

Fall Musical Theatre

Built to prepare teens and young adults for spring auditions, our fall session of Dance Fundamentals focuses on gaining a vocabulary of ballet, jazz and tap basics. We’ll practice lacing steps together into dance phrases, decoding tricky footwork, and coordinating arm movements.

This class is perfect for those who are new to dance or have limited formal training. Feel calm and confident when you meet the choreographer for your dance theater, spring musical, or community theater audition!

Meet the Team Group

Meet the Team

We would be nothing without our staff.  From our instructors and choreographers to our desk and support staff, our team is a family and our family keeps Encore Dance Center running!  The dedication and commitment of our team through the year is remarkable and unmatched.  Their love of dance shines through and radiates to our students as they develop their skills.

Without our staff we wouldn’t be voted Lancaster’s top Dance Studio for 20 years!

What People are Saying

I began bringing my daughter to Encore at age 3, looking for a class to help with balance and body awareness. We are now entering our 6th year and absolutely love this studio! They not only work to build a love for dance, but also to instill a sense of confidence, strength, and friendship in their students. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Encore family!

The Encore teachers helped me to become a dancer instead of just taking dance classes. Through dance, I have developed my performance skills and my confidence. The friendships I have made here will last a lifetime. Encore is not only a dance studio, it’s my 2nd home.

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